2011 Limited

The Limited models are perfect for the ambitious shooter who wants to cover IPSC, Speed, Precision with one weapon. Again, we use only forged grips and forged and hardened slides, manufactured according to our CAD drawings. All 2011 versions are compatible with STI magazines. The Limited pistols are also hand-fitted from oversize parts, so we can generally guarantee the precision of 2" at 50m for every Limited. The Limited models are ideal for heavy use in IPSC competitions with their excellent accuracy and very tough main components. All Limited models have a ramped barrel so the cartridge feed is top notch and the chamber is fully supported, which reloaders appreciate because their cases are not as stressed. The BOOMER , Special, Speed and Master models are specially designed for fast firing sequences because the balanced weight ratio of moving mass to non-moving mass results in low high impact during firing. This helps to be able to resume sighting more quickly on the next shot. The LS is the longest possible compromise between slide length (means higher IPSC factor) and box size, also it can be used in IPSC standard class because it fits in the IPSC box size. The XS is the most extreme Limited, because by shortening the slide, the firing is as flat as an Open pistol and the front sight does not move back with the slide and thus remains in view during the repeating process. We achieve this not by daring cutouts in the slide but by the block mounted on the barrel, which fits snugly into the slide cutout. Since this block is milled out on the inside, XS slide and barrel in combination are significantly lighter than a normal 5" slide-barrel combination. This benefits the shooting performance.

Like all HPS pistols, the Limited models are PVD coated (nitrided) at no extra charge.