• High capacity handle with forged slide guide
  • 5.2" slide with special cutouts and grip grooves front and rear
  • 3-surface slide top for better shooting performance
  • Special BEAST cut-outs as weight reduction for extra flat shooting
  • 5.2" PREMIUM Match Bullbarrel with ramp
  • Enlarged ejection window
  • Extended ejector
  • Undercut extractor
  • High grip Beavertail
  • Premium Speed Hammer
  • Premium Match Sear
  • Long spring guide rod
  • Wide double sided safety
  • Trigger tuning
  • Less upstroke due to sled weight reduction
  • Fiberglass front sight
  • Cheely steel grip, PVD coated in the color of the gun
  • Magazine hopper included
  • Weapon completely hand-fitted from oversized parts, achieving best precision and highest accuracy
  • precision guarantee 2" at 50 m

available in calibers: 9mm x 19, .40 S&W, .45 ACP

4700,- Euro


On special request also available in version with reworked polymer grip instead of Cheely steel grip (see photo)

available in calibers: 9mm x 19, .40 S&W, .45 ACP

3800,- Euro