• high capacity grip with forged slide guide
  • forged HPS 5" slide with 3 flat slide top for better shooting performance
  • Special BEAST milling for weight reduction for flat shooting behavior
  • 5" PREMIUM Match Bullbarrel with ramp and HPS Comp in one piece
  • completely recalculated and specially graded 4-chamber compensator for
  • extremely flat and fast shooting behavior
  • on request without extra charge V-6 hybrid bores for more aggressive shooting behavior
  • enlarged ejection window
  • extended ejector
  • adapted ATFTEC extractor, very durable (works with spring system)
  • high grip Beavertail
  • premium match hammer, sear, disconnector, extremely fast
  • long spring guide rod
  • wide double sided safety with shield
  • Magazine funnel
  • Slideracker
  • thumb rest, screwed into the grip with the mount
  • Enlarged magazine release
  • Cheely Steelgrip, PVD coated in the color of the weapon
  • Reserve magazine
  • Trigger tuning to 2 lb
  • PVD coated
  • Delta Optical HW26 on aluminum mount
  • Works first class in Major and Minor, also with factory ammunition (without V6 hybrid)
  • the ultimate rifle for IPSC and all speed disciplines
  • Precision guarantee 2,5" at 50 m
  • Completely race ready with many additional Options
  • Weapon completely hand-fitted from oversized parts, thus achieving the best precision and highest reliability


available at short notice in the calibers: 9mm x 19, .38 Super

6.200,- Euro


On special request also available in version with reworked polymer grip instead of Cheely steel grip (see photo)

available in the calibers: 9mm x 19, .40 S&W, .45 ACP

5300,- Euro